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Finding a Home in the Body

I recently came across this journal entry from 2011 - it is an oldie, but still rings very true. I hope you will enjoy it... Download the PDF here

Adapting to our Environment

This is a great little video of me presenting at the mental health conference in Brisbane about how humans adapt to their environment. We start life just wanting to be seen and loved. Where does this drop off? What role does society have to play?

Co-Dependent Relationships

The common texts from the mental health industry talk about co-dependent relationships - there is a lot of psychobabble in dealing with this topic, so here at this presentation in Sydney to a few hundred in 2017 I have tried to distil it down to it's most simple terms. This short video makes it real - pulling one of the most common causes of relationship problems out of the dark, and making light of a very common issue. "Pretzeling" - you heard it here first :)

Depression - A Video Interview

During this video interview for Unimed Living's Mental Health team I discuss how depressive feelings occur across a spectrum of severity and can be debilitating and overwhelming. As a psychotherapist who works with people with depression I have a good understanding of what can cause it and how we can help to recover from it. Although it often feels impossible, taking small steps towards taking care of ourselves is often the gateway out of depression. There is also some helpful information here for mental health practitioners.

The Treatment of Mental Health Conditions

Evidence-based treatment of mental illness is not working despite having more specialists, funding and pharmaceuticals than ever before. In this short video, I discusses some of the problems besetting the mental health industry.

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