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Sacred Esoteric Healing

Deeply rest within yourself

Sacred Esoteric Healing is founded on the principle, as given to us by Einstein, that ‘everything is energy’.

If the underlying energetic root cause of a condition is not healed, then the cause can be buried, only to turn up later, needing to be ‘fixed’ again with more treatment, regardless of whether the superficial symptom that was first experienced was cured or not. Thus a cure (by whatever means it is achieved) is not necessarily a healing.


Esoteric Definition: Esoteric does not mean ‘hidden’ or ‘secret’ as is commonly assumed, but refers to a place of deep repose within the body – ‘the innermost’.

About Sacred Esoteric Healing

Seaforth, Sydney's Northern Beaches

Sacred Esoteric Healing (SEH) is a technique where the (fully clothed) client receives gentle application of hands on healing to different parts of the body. It is a non-intrusive, non-invasive technique that supports and allows the client to deeply rest with themselves.


As with all the Esoteric modalities, it does not offer to ‘cure’ any disease or ill, but offers the client a place of repose where a deeper awareness of their condition can facilitate the opportunity for change in behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that may not be supportive of harmony in the body and in life. 

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