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Biodynamic Massage

Regulating the energetic state of the body

Biodynamic Massage is an energetic massage that can help regulate the energy of the body. Where there is too much energy in one section of the body, the massage can help to diffuse the energetic pressure and help the body to reach homeostasis. Where there is insufficient energy in particular areas in the body, the massage can help to enliven and bring more presence and connection to the energetically abandoned parts. 

Where people have experienced trauma there is a tendency to disconnect energetically, moving energy upwards and outwards so that we are not present in the legs and pelvis. Biodynamic massage can assist with grounding and bringing us back into connection with the lower legs, feet and pelvis. This sense of feeling grounded and present to ourselves gives us greater confidence and we feel better equipped to live with joy and connection.

My clinic is located in Seaforth on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Get in touch to book your massage appointment.

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