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Build a connection with the body & the self

What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy offers a safe space for clients to explore their patterns of behaviour and relationships.It offers an opportunity to review our core beliefs and ideals.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy helps clients to unpack the conditioning of their childhood and past experiences. Most of us have learned to adapt ourselves to fit in, to gain recognition, approval and love and to avoid feeling any memory of hurtful past experiences.


Through the counselling process we begin to see that living from the expectations or pictures of our adapted self, in varying degrees, serves to separate us from our body’s soulful wisdom. Then we can build a deep connection with our body and learn to live from who we truly are rather than our adapted self. 

As an experienced somatic psychotherapist I also offer biodynamic massage and other hands-on bodywork to assist with deepening the reconnection to the body and with changing the outdated patterns of behaviour. The bodywork is beneficial in the resolution of past trauma.


Counselling can lead to self-appreciation and lasting change.

Individual Psychotherapy sessions are available in person at my practice rooms in Sydney's Northern Beaches (Seaforth), or online for interstate or international clients looking for online psychotherapy. 

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