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Couples Psychotherapy

Moving towards connection & intimacy

Within the relationship there will always be differing versions of “reality” so arguing over who is right and who is wrong or who did or did not do or say whatever - does not serve the relationship.  

Good couples therapy involves both individuals agreeing to move to a higher plane of joy, understanding and purpose, then they can stay focussed on this goal and begin to let go of blaming, naming and shaming and move towards greater appreciation and intimacy.


We each bring our patterns of behaviour from our family of origin to our relationship and understanding how these patterns play out can help to resolve problems.


As each person develops a greater connection to themselves, their awareness increases and the harmony improves. Problems can be resolved with good relationship advice and the couple agreeing to let go of who is right and wrong in favour of moving towards greater harmony.


As well as providing psychotherapy from Sydney's Northern Beaches (Seaforth), Australia, I offer Skype sessions for couples around the world, and have found online marriage counselling to be very effective.

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