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Esoteric Massage

A deeply healing energy massage that works well beyond the skin

Using warm cream and oil, Esoteric Massage is slow, rhythmical and extremely gentle and this has a deeply relaxing effect on the client. The massage works energetically and there is no pain as there is no deep tissue work nor any pressing or pressure. 


For many people who have experienced it, Esoteric Massage is a highly beneficial modality. The massage itself is very deeply stilling and relaxing, this allows one's body to truly let go and facilitates healing.


Based on client feedback it can be said that the benefits of Esoteric Massage can also extend into improved physical function.


Physical function, movement and expression are important and necessary parts of everyday life. Esoteric Massage explores how and why we move and therefore the effect that our quality of movement has on our energetic and physical function. This facilitates the discovery of the possible original cause and supports the body in making the correction.


Esoteric massage helps with pain and stress relief. 

About Esoteric Massage

Seaforth, Sydney's Northern Beaches

Esoteric Massage is a form of therapy that brings forth restoration of true movement to the body by creating the right flow of energy to the muscles and joints used in physical expression.

Esoteric Massage can help to release the ingrained disharmony or ill energy, which causes the body to move in dysfunction.

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