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For this program we will be working on building a deeper connection with our sacredness so that we can access greater volumes and move what has been given for all.


Experiencing the delicacy in our wings we will be releasing the authority of the multidimensionality of our origins and we will not be owned by creation!


We will experience power as vulnerability, sensitivity and delicacy as we let go of the hardness, drive and protection of survival to achieve deeper levels of settlement.   


Along the way we will jiggle, make horse-lips, tilt our pelvises do some squatting and as we release more of the habitual contraction in our bodies – we will allow the free flow of our own sacred aliveness so that all of humanity may access theirs. 


Sacredness does not mean nuns and monks – it means sassy, spunky, sexy and vitally alive.  I look forward to joining with you all on this program.  



The 6 class, fortnightly program will run as follows.





NSW/VIC: Sunday 5pm,  QLD: Sunday 5pm,  UK: Sunday 7am. EU: Sunday 8am  



18th August 

1st September

15th September

29th September

13th October

27th October


The recordings are available for particpants to use as many times as they wish, and will remain online for 14 days after class completes. 


Please note that booking cancelations prior to 48 hours can be refunded less the $5 booking fee. Due to the popularity of the class, cancelation requests after 48 hours prior to class starting will not be refundable.

Online Sacred Movement August 2019

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