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I am responding to the call and offering a program of 6 fortnightly Sacred Movement sessions starting on Sunday 12th April 2020.


In this program I am wanting to reflect the deeper connection with sacredness which has become available since the retreat. Our capacity to align with the divine forces of resurrection, power, authority, glory and the divine plan is enhanced when we focus our awareness on the sacred quality of our movements. Remembering to move, (sit, walk, speak and gesture) in a way that embodies and reflects our divinity is a great support against astral fed thoughts and impulses.

Let’s enjoy getting together and reconnecting with our sacredness and practice moving in a way that helps us align to the truth of our divinity.  All of this will of course be delivered with the usual delight and joy that is a natural part of Sacred Movement with Jean!




Fortnightly sessions live on zoom on Sundays:


  • 12th April
  • 26th April
  • 10th May
  • 24th May
  • 7th June
  • 21st June


Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne              4pm

Perth                                                  2pm

Europe                                               8am

UK                                                      7am


Online Sacred Movement April 2020

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