So many women feel that menopause pre, post and peri is an ending to be managed – the end of their usefulness as women – relegated to the no-longer-sexy-or-interesting section of society. 


Let’s begin to understand that menopause is actually a sacred initiation into our wisdom and power. It is a rite of passage and we go on being wise, powerful, sacred and creative, long after the childbearing years.  It is a period of purification – a letting go of judgment, criticism, blame and shame, offering a return to the pure and sensual reflection of our glory and our power. Appreciating all the experience we have lived and the wisdom we have gained, we can choose to view ourselves as an amazing resource for humanity.


Jean is a psychotherapist, relationships counsellor and engaging facilitator:


  • Welcoming the menopause life cycle
  • Appreciating our sacredness, power and wisdom
  • Learning to live our essence – food, sleep, exercise, self-care