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Introducing Jean Gamble

I have a wealth of experience as a psychotherapist, couple and family therapist and supervisor of counselors and psychotherapists. My initial training was in somatic psychotherapy and, where appropriate and with consent I include energetic bodywork as a means of integrating the therapy which can be very supportive for lasting change. 

Feelings of confusion, overwhelm, anxiousness, meaninglessness and depression can be better managed and even reduced when we are safely guided and supported to energetically reinhabit our body and to reconnect to our feelings and our felt sense of who we are. Life flows more easily when we can be present, attentive and responsive to our inner and outer worlds.

When we are able understand how our history is limiting our current experiences we can open ourselves to healthier life choices which can lead to improved relationships and overall wellbeing.


I have a gentle, respectful yet direct approach that allows clients to access their vulnerability without judgment or expectation.

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Based in Seaforth in Sydney I offer psychotherapy, supervision, couple and family counselling and somatic integration, both globally on-line and in person. 


Where appropriate and with consent, hands-on energetic healing bodywork can help to build body connection and also integrate new understandings.  The bodywork can also help to release past patterns of behaviour which may be limiting choices and thinking

I am an experienced and inspiring public speaker on wellbeing and mental health.

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For individuals, couples and families

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BiodynamicMassage,Connective Tissue Therapy and more

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